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When I was at School one of my teachers said I would be good at Graphic Design, to be honest I didn’t really understand where she was coming from. Now a few years down the road I find myself in a job that I love and yes I am a Graphic Designer. Each day my work schedule is different and therefore the word boring doesn’t exist in my life and I can honestly say that I enjoy everyday.

What subject areas does graphic design cover well from the top of my head I will list them from my own experience so here we go take a deep breath: art, architecture, economic, ergonomic, philosophy, literature, performance, science and politics, ethics, language, magazines, corporate branding, television titles, film and websites, problem-solving activity which combines a great deal of communications, technology and business, structuring and organizing, creativity, innovation and technical expertise, visual solutions created from manipulation, combination and utilisation of shape, colour, imagery, typography and ideas, drawings, painted, photographed, computer-generated images, letter forms, typefaces…………..oh my my mind is going to burst the list is endless because Graphic Design is communication and in itself is a message that can be Interpreted in so many ways the message will change with specific audiences through the very means that the designer chooses to use. I hope I am not losing you?

In a nutshell Graphic Design can be almost anything lets look at some basics – street signs the credits to your favourite soap. It is the bright red logo at the underground station and the black and white front page of the Daily Newspaper. It is tags in your jeans, postage stamps, paper money, coins, food wrappers, adverts, posters and annoying junk mail, T-shirt you’re wearing. If you have any interest in art, sorting out issues playing games on a computer then you may have the qualities to become a Graphic Designer do you understand where I am coming from yet?

OK lets continue, in its simplest form it boils down to solving problems visually, and yes it is harder to talk and write about then to do it. Now lets get back to lists what do Graphic Designers create here we go again and by creating we can delight the imagination and the real world – books, magazines, websites, films, posters, television, computer systems, logos and yes they all interact with politics, governments, manufacturing, entertainment, yes the whole culture of mankind. Back on track yet?

let me give you something to guide you just remember Graphic Designers have the skill to communicate by using images, systems and foundations, there you go, now you have it….I hope. A Graphic Designer like me is an individual who normally has an art background and loves playing around with computer design software and can use it to communicate messages to any civilisation in the universe. Now that I have wet your apatite.

I have built this site so you can explore all things graphic related for example graphic tablets, graphic novels and loads more so enjoy!

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